V-board bracket

The brackets that I had made are 4 x 2 x 1 .  There are four (4) 7/32 holes in the top and bottom.  The outside holes are centered from each edge.  The two (2) holes in the center are centered 2 and and 1 3/8 from the open side.  The screws I use are 10-24 x 2 pan head steel machine screws. 

Making the arms of the V-board

To make the arms of the V-board I took a 2 x  6 x 8 and cut it into pieces 32 long. Then I ripped them at 1 .  The end of each outside arm that fits into the bracket was rounded, the center was left square.  Making sure there is enough room for the arms to swing open I marked the holes on each arm and drilled them.  Now paint the arms.

Attaching the decoys

Some people cut a groove down the center of each arm to place the decoy.  Then the screw or nail it fast.  I used 1 dry wall screws and attached it to the side of each arm.  This cut out one step in cutting and it seems to work fine. 


The decoys are made out of plywood.