Mike Smyser, Bill Kell, and George Williams are among the founders of Runamuck, a loose knit association of decoy makers who are bound by a singular purpose- - keeping the art of hunting decoy carving alive. 

As duck hunters, we found great dissatisfaction with mass-produced, lifeless escapees from bathtubs. Mike (THE GOOD), George (THE BAD), and Bill (THE UGLY) worked independently to develop their own styles of carving gunning rigs. Our love for competition brought us together. We have been regulars at many hunting decoy competitions; Havre de Grace, MD, Westlake, OH, Chincotague, VA, Ocean City and Salisbury MD. Long Island, and Clayton, NY to mention a few. Over the years our rigs and single decoys have either won or placed second or third in a number of decoy competitions.

Our hand made decoys are constructed of high density cork with white cedar heads and tails. We use cork because of its durability and floating qualities. Most of our work is in hunting plumage. Most of use Golden Acrylic matte paints, because of their finish and durability. You will find our decoys well suited for all tidal or fresh water conditions (except Nor'easters, tidal surges, and ice floes).

Among the three of us we have over fifty years of decoy making experience. We believe that our craft is one that should  not be static. Consequently we are always looking to improve an already great product. We trust that after you see our decoys  , and those of our newer members, you will be attracted to them as easily as the ducks are during the gunning season.

Please feel free to contact us by e-mail or phone with any questions or comments. If you are interested in beginning the process yourself, feel free again, we are only happy to share ideas, patterns, and suggestions.